Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fun phonics- word families for kindergarten

I totally believe that people learn more effectively when enjoyment is involved, and anybody who has been around kids for 5 seconds knows they love fun and games. On the other hand, as an adult nothing whets my appetite for learning like a 400 page textbook with all facts...naugggght.  
(I'm not sure why it has become "normal" for it to be a rare treat for adults to have fun, I think it should be treated seriously as a necessity to total wellness).

ANYWAYS... So I'm always seeking out fun ways for my kids to learn otherwise boring things, like phonics and numbers. If you're a teacher and this offends you, ask yourself when was the last time you saw your kindergarteners pretending to be letters of the alphabet while fighting off the forces of bad grammar. So I made up this little word family activity for my 5 year old.

To include my 3 year old, I would ask him to identify the consonant letter that my 5 year old picked out, or the color if he didn't know it yet. 
What do you think? In what ways would you include an older or younger child?

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